2015 - Round 3 - Court 3

HOME: Yellow - Golden Corral

AWAY: White - Old, But Slow

Final Score 7 - 15

Current Score 0 - 0

Yellow - Golden Corral
Eugene Granovsky 1PA 2PA 1PA ORB 1P DRB 1PA 1P 1P To Stl 2PA Stl 1P 1PA DRB 2PA 1PA
Sharone Mitchell 1P ORB 1PA Ast Stl 1P
Adam Rose 1PA 2PA DRB 1PA Stl 2PA 1PA ORB DRB 1PA ORB 1P
Dan Raffe ORB ORB
White - Old, But Slow
Jeff Schwarze Stl 2P DRB 2PA DRB 2P 2P DRB
Megan Ney 1P DRB 1PA 1P DRB 1PA 1PA 1P
Randy Ney 1P 1P 1P 1PA ORB 1P 1P DRB ORB 1PA DRB
Bradford Chong ORB DRB To 1PA 1PA 1P